Perhaps, the last

I hope that the fun and the experience is greater than the trouble and the inconvenience this caused you.

I hope that I made you happy. I hope that I made you feel better. I hope I made your 2016 suck less. I hope I made you like Christmas a bit more. I hope that I made you smile. I hope I had helped you in some way. That this made you a better person, a stronger man. I hope that I was a friend to you.

I hope that you saw something there. I hope that the pictures that will remain in your head are of the happiest times, or the saddest because maybe that’s when you realized that love is a beautiful thing no matter what the circumstances are. That you realized it still is a beautiful life.

You’re the one thing that’s as good as how I imagined it to be and how it actually is. You’re the love I was willing to see through, to grow with, to fail and succeed, and cry, and laugh, and learn with. You’re the love i’m afraid of and I was willing to be brave for.

And no it’s not because I don’t see your weaknesses, it’s because I do and I think I like all that makes you who you are.

Yours was the one I (literally) saw in a sea of faces, fighting under the same banner that I am. Will I see you again? In this life, the next. Will I meet you again? Will you promise to do it the right way next time? Will we get the chance we didn’t get here? Will you let me love you there? Good night, my love, sweet dreams.


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