If at all, I learned something, it’s how to not say goodbye. I won’t even make the attempt. No gifts or letters, no goodbyes. Because I know I have tried, ridiculously tried enough and failed. The only way I could probably survive every day without you is to live it as if you were always with me in some kind of weird way. I will keep this love for as long as I can remember. I will keep this love even long after you left. You can forget, you can go forget but I will stay here in this place I shared with you and I will remember.

I hope that when my memory fades, yours would be the last to go. I know that less than a year will never be enough time to know someone. But I like to think that I have truly known you. And I hope you have truly known me.

I have never once tried to be somebody else i’m not whenever i’m around you. I never felt like I had to be someone else for you to like me. I felt like I can be that stupid, selfish, damaged, sad, angry clumsy person that I am. I felt like I can show you all that without ever fearing that you might run away like everybody did. I never felt like cursing around you and telling you all the stupid things I think about will in any way change the way you see me. And that’s something.

I think that there’s something there. In seeing the worst and not loving any less. I think that there’s something there. In showing who you really are and not being scared of being loved a little less.

Thank you for this unique and beautiful friendship. You are an amazing person. You are an amazing friend. And I am so so lucky to have met not just someone like you, I am so lucky to have met you. It was a privilege to know you and to love you.

I have loved every part of you. Even the ones that you hate about yourself.

Because this love was never blind. It sees but it’s accepting. Because a love that sees through is unchanging.

I will always say this prayer for you. And I wish for you to be okay and to be happy. I wish for you to get to where you wanted to be. No matter how long the journey will be. I could only hope I can take every step with you- but when the days are rough, my only wish is that somehow the world will make you see yourself the way I do. There’s just so much good in you. Never ever give up, I’m just here. You will always always have me, no matter what. Know that at least. It’s not a big deal and I am nobody, but you always have me.

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