What is love if not a choice. Many have loved but few were brave. And I wanted to be brave for me and for you. So tonight, I am making a choice.

I choose to be with you and I choose to love you.

I choose to find the meaning in charts, numbers, scripts, and codes. I choose to listen to you even if I don’t understand what you’re saying. I choose to open up to you even if I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.

I will mind you when you talk about your old friends and your province and when you see random photos of cute cats. As you have always tried to embrace the kind of weird music and movies that I like. I will never dismiss anything that you wanted to share with me. As you have always patiently held me when I am sad and I wanted to give up and I wanted to disappear. You hold me so I don’t. I will even let you bury your face in my tummy no matter how much it annoys me, if that could make you laugh. Cos you’ve always let me bite your arm even if it hurts a lot, because you know it makes me laugh.

I promise that from this moment, I will listen to your reason the way you cope with my emotion.
I will never take your silence for indifference anymore. I will not mistake it for disinterest. Because you were silent when you could have cursed me, hurt me, called me things. But you have silently loved me, forgiven me, fought for me instead. You have every right to scream, to confront but I begged you not to and you didn’t say a thing.

I’m making a choice to never give up on you as you never have given up on me. I will write you down as I have written down every beautiful person that happened to me. Because you are beautiful and I am not the person you deserve. But you chose me anyway. Cos what is love, if not a choice. What is love, if it isn’t brave.


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