I am angry and so should you

I am so angry. I am angry that most of us had a nice dinner tonight and that we’re safe in an airconditioned room tweeting and retweeting about  a crisis that’s just too overwhelming for words. I am angry that our countrymen are in danger and that these people that bring terror to a city used to be common men who were probably also victims of an inhumane system. I am mad that those who had the power to actually do something about this, those who swore to serve and protect our sovereignty and our people do not care as much than downplay this to a propaganda. I hate that we fought for and believed in and put a man in power, a man who we thought walked the streets with common men, who was there feet drenched in flood in every tragedy that struck this nation – he was there without stamping his name on every form of help he and his city offers. I hate that in this crisis and for the longest time he’s been in that Palace, the man cannot be found. Only his empty words and the fake news propagated by a machinery that is M|ocha U|son.

I hate this because this reminds me of Mamasapano. I hate this because Mamasapano made me truly hate the Aquino government. And I thought we gotta have something better than that because every Filipino deserves more than the GDP growth that serves only the rich. I hate it because we gotta have a father who actually cares about his people who would never isolate himself in his elitism.

I hate it when good men lie. When good men succumb to power. I am very angry tonight- to think that we’ve come to this. That the core of humanity’s no longer human. To hurting people in a concert, people who came there to celebrate life. To the idea of bombing cities not considering civilian casualties. 
This is the part where we truly need that 4 Non Blondes song- across the world. Cos the what the fuck is going on

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