I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep because tomorrow  I won’t see your face or smell your scent or your coffee. Or watch your hot noodles fog up your glasses. And look into your eyes when you take your glasses off to wipe em with your shirt.  I won’t be able to tease you about your hair. And brush it with my hands. Or your clothes except when you’re wearing the shirt that I like. I can’t tell you about the last thing I watched last night and ask you about your weekend. You might have missed her so much i’m so happy you got to see her. I won’t be able to hear the excitement in your voice when you talk about something you’re so happy about. Or hear familiar songs muffled over your earphones cos you forgot to stop the music when you started talking to me. I can’t complain what another boring or tiring day it was. I won’t walk with you to the bus and watch the way people walk. Or talk about the day as if we haven’t been talking to each other the whole day. We haven’t even played with the laser yet! I miss you already. I will miss you and your brewed coffee. How you like your whiskey neat, your coffee black. I miss the way you tell me things. Would you still tell me things? I miss the way you’d randomly walk to my place and smile and say “i’ve got new songs in my playlist”. I hope you find more because it gets us through the day, it does for me at least and I miss you this much and it’s just day one. Well I think it will always feel like day one. I will always miss you like I do today. 

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