half of the world

I don’t know how else I can get through every morning not thinking about you. Or not telling you things. Because, are you not tired of hearing things from me. It’s all the same, every time.

How did I even get through almost half a year not looking at your direction, turning away from something that’s probably the one thing that can get you through a boring day or a hard day because every day is either boring or hard or sad.

And it’s a tough job to work for a country that seems rather hopeless. And think about how all your efforts might not be felt until five or ten years and sometimes it can get very frustrating when people are actually being killed in the streets and people are still fighting wars or hunger and their own battles. And having you, like having someone with a beautiful soul who still fucking believes in this country, it pushes me to be here because what is my little life worth if someone like you does and I don’t. Even if that someone hates Monday, like we all do, he actually cares about the world and he does what he can. And if you ask him what he wants, what he truly wants- he would tell you all he ever wanted was to help people. And is it not what makes us human.

Well, I guess you were too hammered to remember but I told you this once, that I thought half of the world wants to be loved a little more. Then I figured perhaps half of it, asks how not to fall in love. Cos there I was sitting a minute away from you, every single day, wondering how do I not fall in love. How on earth would I not fall in love with you.

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