I hope that even when cameras are not around people will still seek for answers, I hope that leaders will still  rally for the truth and people would not give up on this struggle, this fight to make sure the ones behind what happened are held accountable.

I hope that in this country, tragedies are not forgotten, one after another. And that lives of brave men and innocent people are not just reduced to a mere count, to mere numbers. I hope that we learn. I hope that grief is not short-lived, not like headlines, not like viral videos, or hashtags. I hope that sacrifices of heroes are not just briefly celebrated. I hope people know that they have saved many- not just from crime or terror, but from our indifference to what is happening down south and up within the pillars of our government.

I hope that we, indeed, would never forget. And to our dear brave men, to every person caught in battle, if justice is not served here on earth, I hope you find it up there. I hope up there, it’s calm. I hope that up there you’ll find the peace you’ve given your life for.

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