What makes us stay in a relationship?

Most people will tell you it’s love. But what if you can’t even tell him  “I love you”. Some will tell you it’s the fear of being alone. But what if a relationship with someone makes you feel you’re alone. Maybe it’s the relationship itself. But what if there isn’t even a real relationship at all. What makes you stay for something you don’t even have. What makes you stay for someone you can’t even have.

Sometimes, sometimes we launch battles we couldn’t win. Sometimes we ask for suffering we’re not charged with. Sometimes we just get into something complicated because soon enough we believe it might take care of itself. Sometimes we deny feelings because someday they will fade anyway. We leave truths unspoken until one day they won’t feel true anymore. We ignore pain because eventually time will heal most our wounds. Sometimes we fight for things we couldn’t even understand. What makes us stay? Maybe somehow, it’s in not knowing too.

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