Title Card

This page has been around for a year today, I can’t even believe it. I can sometimes, even feel some of the moments that have been written here. So after a long long, extended opening sequence, here’s the title card:

“I’ve always thought that we are two souls that met at the wrong time. Like the stars Shakespeare talked about crossed either too late or too early. Or maybe Cassius was right when he said that it wasn’t indeed the fault of the stars. I did not look for him, I met him by circumstance. But probably, acting upon the meeting was our fault, or mine.
Withdrawal syndrome is just the shittiest syndrome. It’s the .1 in a hundred of the germs every hand soap promised to kill. It’s the last unanswered question that you wouldn’t wanna ask yourself. It’s the single hope for a new chance whenever you ask for closure. It’s the last cigarette that you vowed to smoke but never ends up like it. It’s like asking him not to reply but he still will and you secretly hoped he will too. It’s like wondering how something so beautiful can be so wrong. It’s like, it’s like how I couldn’t just forget you.”


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