They Say Date a Man Who—


They say date a man who reads, date a man who writes, date a man who travels… so I dated a man who reads, writes, and travels.

A man who understands the wonder in books, who would not rush to finish what he is reading. Who would get stuck in a single page all night because he finds a single line really beautiful.

A man who stops in the middle of complicated engineering calculations because words has started to assemble at the back of his mind.  A man who has a way with words, who would understand even the thoughts that I can’t put into words.

A man who would want to be remembered by his loved ones  through  the thoughts he wrote down, who would turn memories into stories.

Someone who would not stop learning, who would not settle until he has scoured the world for meaning. Here is a man who travels to places- who gets lost in an alley somewhere looking for himself, or the love of his life. He finds a piece of his soul along  his journeys to foreign countries and bustling cities. He looks down from the top of a tower or a skyscraper, pondering upon how big the world is and how insignificant a single piece of it might be, including himself. Although he’s certainly wrong because he, alone, could actually mean the world to me.

He would not lie to make me feel good. He would confront me with the truth and let me learn from it. I found someone who is strong enough to bare his mistakes, let me see his weaknesses and know his insecurities. He would let me see through the cracks. And I have seen the man so resilient, so enduring, so complete yet at times, so fragile and so broken in those moments he would close his eyes and just tell me anything and everything.

He would laugh with me about silly things, he would tell me how special I am to him through a mathematical equation where This Beautiful Thing is ^ n where n is ∞. He would make me crazy at times, he would pull me back to reality again and again. He would talk to me about the most mundane and profound of movies, moments, musings, and memories.

He is someone who does not equate love to physical attachment. And although he is at peace with being perpetually h—-, in him I found a man who would fall in love with a beautiful heart more than just a beautiful face. He would accept the love of his life- her past, her fears, her flaws. He would love her like none of these would matter anymore. One day, I found a man like this and I chose to let him go because I wasn’t ready for it.  One day I found him and he didn’t ask me to make him the center of my life. He wished nothing more than for me to fall in love with myself, for me to chase my dreams, for me to become the person that he knows I could be.

A man so free. So in love with freedom. A man who would want to know his limits. Who’s so simple yet so rich in character as to overwhelm me as I am writing about him for I can never, no matter how long this would go on, make a good enough description of who he was to me. A man with a spirit so inspiring, who made me realize the kind of love I want- even if in the end, he would not turn out to be all the things I believed he is.

2 responses to “They Say Date a Man Who—

  1. He’s so..perfect! I’m sorry for your loss. Your post made me think of lots of things and i thank you for that. I think relationships should be more mutual between its parts. You see, you talked all the way long about him , it was him doing everything and i think that was wrong because you were absent, as far as what you wrote, you were just there watching while he was acting. That was my point of view . Cheers ^_^

    • Hi! Thank you very much for your insight. 🙂 Perhaps ‘my part’ of the story would entirely be another post. Anyway, thanks again! 🙂

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