Ten Thousand Sights

Maybe it was your shirt, or the Bat logo, or your name. Sure it’s your name. I heard someone call you by your name. I wish I could too.

Or maybe it’s the way our eyes met a couple of times and held it. Until one of us would let go. Soon enough i’ll scan the crowd, only to be caught in your gaze again. Maybe it’s your voice or the way you smile. I fear I was unconsciously being drawn to your direction. Oh, maybe it was your hair, or the song you played. I don’t really know. Whatever it was, I liked it. It’s something new and something familiar. It’s something i’m sure of, yet it’s something I don’t fully understand.

People call it love at first sight. But I had to be sure. Yes it was indeed, love, even at second sight, third sight, fourth sight. It will be love every single day, every moment, every time i’ll look at you- from the first time I laid my eyes on you to that one day i’d finally close my eyes to eternal rest. I want us to hold on to a stare until one of us had to let go. By then it must be love at ten thousandth sight.

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