Despite Discontinuities

And you’ll fall in love with me, despite of discontinuities and plot holes.

You’ll stand by my merits and what I have uniquely done. I can be deliberately false, you won’t have to accept but you will listen. I’ll give you puzzles, and you’ll never know if indeed you have solved them or if there were answers in the first place. I’ll be vague but you’ll understand. I’ll speak in riddles and metaphors and you’ll comprehend. You’ll watch me as I reveal myself. Again and again.

Because you and I are made for each other. I will have some meaning through you yet you’ll create another meaning of your own. You’ll admire my beauty. You’ll see more and more of others like me but I will still be so so special. I will change your life and perhaps in that way I have owned you, no matter who shall hold you from that moment on.

But I, I shall leave. Because I am not meant to be kept. I am meant to make more people fall in love with me, even all at the same time. And maybe these lovers of mine will find one another. And each will find the right one, through me. And I shall do my best to keep them together, believing in the things I taught them.


The Last Film that Made You Fall in Love


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