A Man, Halfway Through Life

halfway through life

Here is a man, halfway through his life, unhappy, alone. He  regretted all the decisions he’s made.

He wasted his chance at true love once, left his wife and son…for another woman who loved him dearly, even as he was unsure if he loved her too. He soon took her for granted, never let her feel love, the little he had for her, if there it ever was. It took the toll on her, years of enduring the pain and his negligence.

Time came when it was for her to ask him a favor. He let her fly to another country for work. They placed all their fortune  for her departure. A year later, abroad, she left him and their children… for a man who promised to love her dearly but soon took her for granted too. She had lost yet another man, but she has won, and finally found herself.

Here is a man, pondering on his mistakes, learning lessons the hard way, hoping for another chance to do things right. He asked fate to let him find a woman. He would love her dearly, he would make her feel loved, she would make her his last. He would be the man that he never was.

He met her. But it was she, who was certain that he is not the one for her. Yet, he loved her. He loved her more and more. Even if it was wrong. He made her feel loved. Even if that love was suffocating. He never left her. Even if she wants him to. Even if it is the right thing to do.

He stayed true to his promise, to what he believes is the truest love he’s ever felt and gave. He’d done every little thing for love , except to finally do things right. Here is a man, too devoid of and consumed by love. Love to him, came too late. Cos you see, the years he spent finding it was twice the years she has, enough to make her truly believe, as with everyone, that the love of her life would never be him.

She loved him. In a way that is not equal and the same as what he had for her. Here is a man, bargaining for youth, wrestling with time, holding on to a love that would never ever be his and forever trying to find the cause to which all his trashes and treasures he would bequeath.

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