the right one in (or the wrong one out)

Thing with unlocked doors is that people think they can come and go all they want. Thing with slamming the door when you go is part of you thinking someone’s chasing after you.

So you’ll probably wait, for the one who walked out to come back. Funny when you know there’s always someone else at the doorstep but you’ll never let that one in. Does that make life a bit fair? If life is unfair to us all, does that make life a bit fair?

You go see people sitting in the front porch. You never let them in. You make them wait, some go, some joins the person who’s gone sitting to long at the doorstep.

And when you go,thing when you lock the door is to make sure, too, that you change where you hide the spare key, under the flower pot or something. You don’t leave it there for the person who walked out to find it. And crash in again. Because there’s always that one who could use the same old tricks to get into you. Partly because they know they can, partly because you want them to anyway.

So maybe it’s the one who eagerly waits on you, or probably one of those you get to talk to with in the front porch. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t met. But the thing, really, where it all boils down- is when the one who walked out to come to the doorstep, skip the key under the pot, and knock. And perhaps, you’ll let him in again. Or perhaps you just want to see him there. So you can close the door on him yourself.

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